The Easiest Track Head to Adjust EVER!


Have you been through a track lighting install process where everything is aimed perfectly, all the ladders are taken down, and all the technicians are sent home only to the luminaire illuminates the wrong focus point?

With SALIOT, that will never be an issue again! Their easy to use app, allows one to rotate, aim, dim, and zoom the luminaires through a bluetooth connection. All you need is a phone (or other bluetooth enabled device) within a 60-foot range to control the luminaire.

The ability to set set scenes that can be flipped back and forth at the press of a single button makes changing the lighting for different events or applications simple and quick. As many as 100 luminaires can be grouped on one scene. Making it so much simpler to change the lighting can lead to a more multifunctional space. A museum by day can host events by night with the press of a single button to change the focus of the lighting.

Imagine how much easier this will make your life! By eliminating the need for manual adjustments this luminaire more than pays for itself with savings in labour costs.


To learn more about SALIOT please contact our Specification Team or visit the SALIOT website!


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