Connect to the Internet with This New Lamp!


What is LIFI?

LiFi, or “Light Fidelity” is a wireless communication technology based on the use of light. It is said to be much faster and much more secure than the current WiFi systems that so many of us are accustomed to. The principle of LiFi is based on encoding and sending data via the modulation of the light sources (imperceptible to the eye) according to a well-defined and standardized protocol and without harmful electromagnetic waves.

A lamp to connect to the internet

The MyLiFi Pro Lamp is a lamp that connects you to the Internet. It is connected by power and networked through an Ethernet port. Just connect the USB receiver to your computer and it is connected to the Internet (wirelessly and without harmful electromagnetic waves)! It is the high frequency modulation of the light signal emitted by the LEDs (invisible to the eye) that transmits the data. The MyLiFi Pro lamp operates at a speed of up to 23 megabits per second. LiFi communications can operate 24 hours a day, regardless if the lamp is emitting light.

Since you must be in a small range for the LiFi connection to be established, it leaves a very small connection perimeter allowing you to browse privately and securely.


In January 2018, Global LiFi Tech unveiled with Oldecomm “MyLiFi Pro Lamp.” The lamp went on to win 2 awards at the CES in Las Vegas, and it is now available to professionals and the public!

Global LiFi Tech is a Montreal-based company, founded in 2016. It commercializes LiFi in many applications in North America with its European and North American partners.


Another factor making LiFi preferable to WiFi is that only those present (within its walls and under the light) can connect to its network. This makes a hacker’s job much harder. At home, the concept is similar, but with different uses. For example, rather than shutting off the WiFi of an entire house to prevent unintended connections of teens to the network, the use of LiFi allows you to terminate connections in certain areas alone.


With the intuitive app, you can choose between colour temperatures, which is good for our productivity, our circadian rhythm, and our overall health. Temperatures range from white light to orange yellow light and intensity of the color. That makes it light therapy.

Who is this unique lamp for?

It is suitable for offices requiring higher security or faster connections, for the healthcare sector, for schools, and for private residences.

Where can we buy this lamp?

Global LiFi Tech has developed a network of partners and distributors all over Canada and the USA! We are proud to have Inter-Lite as our partner in the Vancouver area. Please contact them to buy (or see a sample of) MyLiFi Pro!

For more information please:

Written by Patrick Burle, Co-founder of Global LiFi Tech


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