MYO: The Smallest Multi-Head Solution!


The MYO, NEW from Gotham, is a 1.5″ wide multi-head. Despite its compact size, it is high performing and versatile luminaire! Each head is individually aimable, and each can be specified or modified to perform unique functionalities. For example, two of the heads may provide ambient light while the third acts as a spot. You even have the option of mixing in a pendant!

With each head emitting from 500LM to 1500LM, the MYO can light up your space with no issues, and with 11 standard baffle finishes it will look GREAT too! This luminaire’s accessories and field interchangeable optics make it the perfect multi-head for your residential, hospitality, retail, or commercial project!

Would you like to spec the MYO with all the IoT capabilities Acuity offers? Acuity’s Custom Architectural Lighting Group can make it happen. Talk to us about the (unlimited) options available! Give your Specification Sales Rep a call: 604 942 2232.


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