Lighting Quotient’s tambient® G305

The Lighting Quotient’s tambient® G305 offers expert-designed task and ambient light, both optional, which can be combined with a separately controlled UV-C energy mode for disinfecting viruses, germs, and bacteria on work surfaces for offices, schools, labs, call centers, and more. The new, LED solution replaces harmful mercury sources with patent pending technology that integrates a “UVC energy mode” into a complete workplace lighting solution with the option to light the entire space from one of their optically engineered fixtures.

The tambient® G305 is installed at close-proximity to high-touch surfaces such as desks, computer keyboards, papers, phones, etc., so lower intensity and less electrical power are required to achieve the effective UV-C dose than would be needed from overhead fixtures. Eliminating pathogens from the entire task area, the tambient® task/ambient lighting fixture with UV-C eradicates up to 99.9% of viruses, germs, and bacteria on the surface without resorting to harmful sanitizing chemicals.

The tambient® UV-C disinfection mode runs while people are not in the vicinity, and a red signal light indicates that the area is being treated. The system can be safely operated using standard light switches, timers, occupancy sensors, and/or any (BMS) Building Management System.

tambient® G305 sell sheet